The Spotlight from Explosm

The newest Explosm Adult Comic, posted July 2018, is hilarious and definitely worth the watch.


Adult Comics

Good quality Adult Comics are getting harder and harder to find these days, with hundreds of less-than-watchable videos popping up on Youtube daily. Luckily, Explosm has been posting quality videos for many years and they’re still producing hilarious comics and skits that’ll make you laugh ’till you pee your pants. Here’s their newest addition to their online adult comic library entitled “The Spotlight”.

What’s it about

In the beginning, someone has kidnapped the mayor and something has to be done! A police officer suggests that they call “Mothman” however that just won’t cut it this time. We need all of them!

In a throw back to Batman, lighting up the sky are the signalling lights for superheros which the kidnappers notice through the window. They’re quite confused by the strange lights when all of a sudden a grotesque monster smashes through the door of their lair. Not to give too much away, if you want to know what happens next – watch the video!

Is there more

Of course there’s more! Stay tuned as I’ll be posting new videos all the time. Not only that, we’re all about Adult Fun so sometimes you might find we post much more than comics. Keep an eye out and make sure you bookmark this website and sign up for our newsletter.