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Jag27's 3d comics series 'Six Gun Sisters'

Hello fellow comixxx freaks!

As promised in an earlier post I have here about 30 images from the quite large adult comics series 'Six Gun Sisters' by none other than Jag27! If you haven't heard of Jag27 then you really should have a look at the free site featured in this post and get a taste of the quality of his work as he may be the most requested and prolific 3d erotic artist on the Internet!

The guy is just a machine and his stories are just really, really cool. Not to mention twisted, perverted and sexy! His body of work is astounding and includes dozens of VERY high-quality 3d adult comics which can ALL be found inside what I regard (and the members' of that site agree with me also) as the best 3d adult comics site on the 'Net, Crazy XXX 3D World.

If you're a fan of adult comics and 3d adult comics in particular then you GOTTA check out Crazy XXX 3D World. The site is just HUGE and I really enjoyed my time there and there are so many awesome comixxx series there it's incredible. To be honest I could go on and on about both Jag27 and Crazy XXX 3D World as I consider both to be among the best if not the best in their fields! When you've finished reading the series below damn man visit Crazy XXX 3d World, and read and start getting off to the gazillion XXX comics there, you will freaking love it!

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Visit 3dxxxcomics.com for samples from the 'Six Gun Sisters' series by Jag27
This free site called 3d XXX Comics was created by myself and contains 30 images from the 'Six Gun Sisters' series by Jag27. Great stuff! Click here to start enjoying the series and for a taste of the erotic artwork and story from a highly talented artist, then dammit man get inside Crazy XXX 3D World or I'll kick ya in the shins! (Joking of course!)

Posted: Thursday 15th March 2007, 4:34 PM

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