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Superheroines in Adult Situations, or Heroines in Peril - HIP 3d Comix!

Attention fellow comix lovers,

Kewl site I just found. Really it's a site for true comix aficianados called HIP Comix. (The H.I.P. stands for 'Heroines in Peril'.) Neat sexy site that I highly recommend you check out.

Their free area is HUGE and shows the "mag covers" of all the stuff the group of artists on this site has created over the past couple of years. There's a lot there! A true fan site, these guys post their stuff four times a week with different artists (Sturkwurks, Uroboros, Jpeger, Bukanan, Timo and Dose) unveiling their latest 3d artworks and stories, with many guest artists contributing as well.

The quality of these works is very very high, rivalling or even surpassing stuff on some of other, bigger 3d comix paysites I've found (you won't see any of those sites here, mind you.) I'll bet you this site gets pretty big over the next few years, have a look at some of these covers:

That's some fine shit as you can see. Good stuff all around and there's a LOT to see here, even some tutorials from some of the better-known artists on how to draw your own images. Go HIP Comix! To fans of cool and sexy 3d artworks, I highly recommend you check this site out.

Posted: Friday 2nd March 2007, 1:24 PM

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