Vibrators and other stuff you shouldn’t tell your mum about

Sex Toys have long been available and widely used among adults and teenagers alike.Whether it’s a vibrator, dildo, or anal tail, most of us have experience with sex toys and either love or hate them.

Are they really taboo?

So, in this day and age, why are adult toys still a taboo subject and how easy are they to obtain? The short answer isn’t really short at all. Commonly adult sex toys are described as inappropriate and are rarely discussed at the dinner table, probably for obvious reasons.

The thing to remember is that just about everyone, at some stage in their life, experiments with sex toys and other adult items. Men can purchase things like Fleshlights and other masturbation tools, and women have a huge range of toys to choose from.

Where can I get my own toys?

There are numerous purveyors of sexual related toys on the internet, so many that it can be difficult to find a good quality, reputable supplier. However, as with anything on the internet the general rule is: If there’s lots of good reviews, they’re probably good.

You’ve got to be careful though, there’s always people out to rip you off and the adult toy world is no exception. Make sure you do some due diligence and check out popular review websites before deciding to buy as it can be difficult to get your money back from a scammer.

How do I choose a great sex toy?

Choosing a fantastic and erotic sex toy can be difficult, but extremely rewarding if you find something you like. Check out the video below describing the steps one should take in searching for and finally deciding to purchase your first sex toy.